04 August 2019

The Highest Converting Marketing Strategy of 2020

Like most modern businesses your marketing strategy is multi faceted. If you haven’t already jumped on the wagon here is Why audio and video content are important for reaching your audience where they are now.

02 August 2019

A Quick Guide to Good Voice UX

With more people making the shift from screen interactions to voice interactions, brands are quickly trying to adapt to this changing landscape. Here are 4 strategies to help you build good voice UX for your company’s voice marketing strategy.

10 July 2019

Does Alexa Really Get Me?

Do voice assistants understand what we speak to them? Or is it simply “listening” for a trigger word to begin its search for the information you’re requesting.

09 July 2019

How Voice Search is Changing the Way We Surf The Internet

With voice assistants permeating every aspect of our lives voice search is booming.

12 June 2019

Your weather & shopping Assistant

For people that used a voice assistant, the top two actions are checking the weather and shopping.