19. October 2019

Lock the Scroll and Press Play

listen books

Technology permeates every aspect of our life. Over the past decade, we’ve all grown accustomed to ordering items online by clicking a button and Amazon delivering to our doorstep on the same day. Things that used to take heaps of time are now available to us in an instant.


19. September 2019

3 Benefits of the 'Audiobook Boom'

Audio trends everywhere are through the roof. From podcast, and audiobooks to voice search, and earbud & and AirPod sales folks are flocking to audio.



02. August 2019

A Quick Guide to Good Voice UX

voice ux

With more people making the shift from screen interactions to voice interactions, brands are quickly trying to adapt to this changing landscape. Here are 4 things to keep in mind as you’re building your brand’s voice strategy.


10. July 2019

Does Alexa Really Get Me?

voice search

Do voice assistants understand what we speak to them? Or is it simply “listening” for a trigger word to begin its search for the information you’re requesting.