13. March 2020

Who is Audio Marketing for?

Is Audio Marketing Right for Your Business?

02. March 2020

How to Increase Time on Site Through User Engagement

When developing your content marketing strategy, you’ve undoubtedly focused on a number of success metrics to measure how your content is performing. From pageviews to bounce rate and average time on site these metrics drive how you evaluate content and showcase your audience or user engagement.

12. February 2020

3 reasons why your Business needs an Audio & Voice Marketing Strategy

Odds are that in the past week, you used your smartphone’s voice assistant at least 14 times.

10. January 2020

BingeWith Micro

We’ve been cooking up something small, and stylish.

23. December 2019

Marketer's Advice to Content Writers

Reading time among Americans continues to fall. According to the Washington Post time spent reading decreased to 17 minutes per day in 2017, down from 23 minutes in 2004. To match these trends here 2 relevant pieces of marketing advice for content writers.