What is Audio Marketing?

By Alex E.

19 December 2019

These days adds are that your audience is hooked on audio. Podcasts and Audiobooks have capitalized on the trend of people wanting to read less and listen more.

Edison Research reports, time spent listening to any kind of online audio content is at an all time high with people listening to 17 hours of content per week. That is more than half of an entire day!

To catch this trend companies publishing text content everywhere are upgrading their content strategy to meet audiences where they are. In this post we’ll outline what audio marketing is, share a few examples of how it is used in businesses today along with 3 best practices for getting started with audio marketing in your company.

What is Audio Marketing?

Audio marketing is using audio content to advance the goals and key results of your business. Your marketing strategy uses your company’s knowledge to build leadership in your industry. Audio marketing achieves the same end while repurpose existing text and visual content into great audio content.

Great audio content can come from anywhere. Focus on what your team does well now. Turning the content into audio once you have the content to share will be straight forward.

Why is Audio Marketing Important? Audio marketing expands the reach of your brand. Your website serves as the foundation for your company’s offering. Your blog shows off your knowledge in the industry. Your social media presence keeps you relevant to your avid fans and media.

Just as your blog and social media posts expand the reach of your brand, your audio offering does the same while serving your content when your audience isn’t in front of a screen, or doesn’t want to read.

Audio marketing keeps your content front and center wherever your audience may be.

For the metrics/KPI inclined folks, turning your articles, blogs, newsletters, into audio increases the time folks will spend on your site, increases retention, and the number of posts viewed per visit.

3 Tips for Audio Marketing

1. Know your Audience

Like any good marketing strategy knowing who you’re trying to reach will set you up for success. No one likes shouting into the dark abyss of the internet ;). Start by understanding the demographics of your audience.

Audio marketing has a wide swath across all age groups and has increased reach among folks under 54. In particular among 74% of 25-54 year olds listen to audio content online. If your ideal audience is between 12-54 online audio content would be a good addition to your marketing arsenal.

2. Content is King. Long Live Great Content.

To create great audio content your must have something to say. The same way your blog and your social media posts share your leadership and knowledge, your audio content must showcase your company’s know how and speak directly to your audience.

However, not all text content is the same. Afterall, tweets are different than blog posts which are further different from a white paper.

Articles and blog posts longer than 2 minutes are best suited for audio. Similar to content marketing, provide more than surface level insights and teach your audience about.

3. Start small and stick to a plan

Your Audio strategy will have multiple components: Audio articles, audio social media posts, featuring as a podcast guest, and hosting your own podcast. Some of these will happen seasonally while others will be part of your weekly repartoire.

Start with the low hanging fruit that you can get off the ground fairly quickly.

For example your existing blog and content articles can easily be turned into audio and showcased on your site. Featuring as a podcast guest may take a little longer to find the right caliber podcasts and hosts to team up with. Know where you’re starting and how it’s pushing your overall strategy forward.

Audio marketing is one of many tools in the marketers toolbox with high ROI for nurturing and retaining an audience.

Start with Audio Articles If you’re ready to learn more about audio articles check out our side by side comparison of how audio improves your blog. (Link to a page that showcases time onsite, and other metrics)