Your weather & shopping Assistant

By Alex E.

12 June 2019

For people that used a voice assistant, the top two actions are checking the weather and shopping.

Interestingly checking the weather only edges out shopping by a mere 1%. Recall that shopping interactions were added after the initial release of the Google Assistant as a followup feature. How it got to grow within 1% of checking the weather which most people do on a daily basis is huge!

At a high level, this means that as often as people are asking whether to put on a jacket when leaving the house, people are also asking to buy a jacket.

That last part is more of a stretch and it’s more likely they are buying water and toilet paper.

Listening to music is the third top action and while interesting, I found the difference between music and podcast listening surprisingly big. This is in part due to the broader discovery problem podcasts have. However, it does beg the question.

How do bloggers and writers get their content discovered with the growing influence of voice?

Creating rich audio to let your audio hungry audience listen to is a necessity to stay relevant. Existing blog posts and articles can be easily leveraged to create audio.