How Voice Search is Changing the Way We Surf The Internet

By Kalish Nesbitt

09 July 2019

With voice assistants permeating every aspect of our lives voice search is booming.

Voice search technology is changing the way people search online and is dominating search engine optimization. You may recall earlier forms of voice technology that helped decrease the time it took to send a standard text message by being able to speak into your phone to craft a text message instead of having to actually type it out.


The tremendous growth in voice search speaks to the opportunity for all businesses. According to comScore, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. Moreover, Gartner reports that about 30% of all searches will be done without a screen by 2020. In many ways we’re are in a similar place that SEO was in 2014.


These days many industries thrive and bet their growth on Search Engine Optimization. Such industries include professional services, real estate, online businesses, and many others. In many ways, SEO is table stakes and a must-have for any category leader. Following best practices for SEO, most websites incorporate SEO-enriched copy, mobile phone friendliness, and meta descriptions into their websites.

For voice specifically, according to Forbes, a helpful way to optimize websites for voice search is to “write the way that you speak.” No need to sound super technical or superfluous. Rather, find ways to sound like you are having a casual conversation with your target audience by speaking to their problems and needs.

How can you make the switch?

Having a voice strategy and optimizing your website for voice search capabilities is as integral as a good SEO strategy. Given the prominence of voice and the growing voice trends, a good place to start creating a voice strategy is making sure your business is listed locally on Google my Business. Be sure your website loads quickly. Recognize where your audience is in their search for products or services. Last but definitely not least, provide relevant information that will help them make a decision.