Lock the Scroll and Press Play

By Kalish Nesbitt

19 October 2019

Technology permeates every aspect of our life. Over the past decade, we’ve all grown accustomed to ordering items online by clicking a button and Amazon delivering to our doorstep on the same day. Things that used to take heaps of time are now available to us in an instant.

We have the world at our fingertips, and now at our lips. Although we’ve come a long way with how to research people, places, and things, there are many innovative technologies that help improve the way that we interact with the internet. One form that’s saving us time from clicking and scrolling away is Voice Technology. For instance, we can simply speak into our smartphones and Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant can add items to our grocery list.

Voice assistants are contributing by allowing us to have the author of a New York Time’s bestseller, read their book directly to you. Platforms like Audible and Google Play Books, allow you to listen to any book of your choice across any device of your choice whether you’re driving in your car or taking a walk.

Similarly to audiobooks, leaders in the content creation space are turning blogs and articles into audio to maximize their content marketing efforts. Great content marketers already create unique articles and blogs that generate meaningful interest in their business.

Exceptional content marketers use their articles to expand their audience reach. Be it through social media, or by finding their audience at different points in the day by turning their articles into audio, they are relentless in amplifying their reach.

The same as audiobooks let us enjoy fiction or nonfiction content on the go, being able to stay up to speed on your industry’s latest news is a game-changer for content publishers and listeners alike. For listeners, the benefits are similar to those of audiobooks. For publishers, having audio for your articles and blogs increases the time spent on-site, letting your audience listen to your longer articles rather than merely skimming the page. Other benefits include increased engagement and retention which we’ll cover in a different post.

Since the launch of Siri in 2011, many other forms of voice technology have made their debuts such as the Google Assistant, Alexa by Amazon, Bixby by Samsung, and Cortana by Windows and are helping the students, families, companies, and entrepreneurs save lots of time.

Despite what analytics show, are you really bringing in your ideal audience? We all strive to offer an experience that will captivate readers’ attention and have them returning for more. Implementing a voice strategy within your site, can help your save audience’s time, increase their site engagement, and allow you to be a step above the competition, who only offers a good old fashion “scroll-down-the-page” for users to digest their content.

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