How Audio Works for You

By Erica Famojure

10 April 2020

Businesses employ many techniques to develop successful marketing strategies. Paid ads, social networking, content marketing, visual media, and others are all part of a digital marketer’s toolkit. But how does audio work for you?

Despite all of these tools, many marketers face a host of challenges.

  1. Consumer habits change often. How do you identify, reach, and connect with your target audience?
  2. Branding is key. How do you create a unique and sticky brand that resonates with your audience?
  3. New MarTech software is constantly released. How do you stay ahead of the curve and easily integrate new tools in your strategy?

At BingeWith we don’t believe in one shot silver bullets. Incremental changes done well will over time serve your team and long term business goals.

One such incremental change to layer on your existing content marketing strategy is implementing audio and voice marketing to let you tap into a mode of digital connection that consumers are rapidly adopting.

Though both audio and voice marketing are fairly new, in a nutshell, we turn your most relevant text into audio.

So, without further ado how does BingeWith work for you?

Audio Increases User Engagement

digital communications

Creating valuable content is essential for communicating, but so is an attentive and engaged audience. In content marketing in particular we spend hours researching, writing, and editing blog posts and articles to fine-tune content to the right type for the audience from a specific channel. Yet more often than not readers spend just 30 seconds reading it.

What’s causing this disconnect?

These days audiences prefer engaging with content in ways other than reading.

This is especially true if your target audience includes GenX, millennials, and GenZ who prefer audio and video content as opposed to text content. Embedding audio content in your blog posts is a great way to increase user engagement on your site.

User engagement is an important content marketing metric as it indicates the success of your site. When your average session duration increases or you notice users visiting your site repeatedly over time, you can assume that your content resonates with your audience.

Integrating audio into your marketing strategy is an effective way to encourage visitors to interact with your site. Podcasts, audiobooks, and online radio continue to gain popularity as more people are low on time and adopting tools that help them to multi-task.

The ability to have content hands-free, eyes-free, and available on-the-go makes audio an awesome medium to boost engagement on your site.

Increased Time on Site

While your site may be a bounty of helpful information, an abundance of text on a page is often an obstacle for your audience. People are busy. They probably won’t read a 3,000 word heavily researched, well-written blog post from beginning to end, but they will listen to it.

When analysis and advisory firm, Convince and Convert, added the BingeWith audio article player to their articles, they saw “time on site increase for 4 minutes to over 9 minutes.”

Across dozens of similar sites adding the BingeWith audio player increases time on site by 2-5 minutes – that’s about 4-10x their original time on site value.

This impact is felt especially for sites catering to an international audience. When English is not the readers’ native language the time on site increases by a further 23%.

Increased Retention

If most of your revenue comes from impulse buyers that make split second buying decisions, you’ll only have to make a good digital impression once.

For most businesses, that’s not likely.

On average, your future customers will visit your business’s site 9.5 times before purchasing. Moreover, returning customers have an outsized impact on revenue with 20% of existing customers driving 80% of your company’s future revenue.

Customer retention is essential. You need your audience to come back to your site often.

Giving your frequent visitors and loyal users the added convenience of audio content encourages them to visit your site more often. This drives further touchpoints and retention for your most loyal followers.

Users that listen to your content return more often.

After analyzing 5 million site visitors, we observe that listening to BingeWith audio increases pages viewed per session in most cases by 17 - 25% while driving returning visits.

On-site Audio Improves Brand Perception

brand perception

Can you judge a brand by their website?

Yes, most people do.

First impressions matter in the digital world. Seventy-five percent of consumers judge a company’s credibility on their site’s design.

A company with a well-designed, user-friendly, and informative website positions itself in a place of authority, credibility, and trustworthiness. For young or smaller businesses without a ton of credibility, having a beautiful and easy-to-navigate website on par with the best in their industry shows the brand is competitively-minded.

Visual media on blog posts signals you invest in content marketing. Audio content offers the same signals. Our audio player offers both style and function. The sleek design of the audio player elevates the way visitors view your brand.

It isn’t just design that matters. A brand’s messaging and interaction with their audience account for 45% of overall brand perception.

Investing in content marketing is an investment in brand perception. Cultivate’s director of content marketing, Chuck Frey, emphasizes that businesses with strong brand perception adapt along with their customers and “deliver value.”

Heroku, a Salesforce company, delivers by value by sticking to Marc Benioff’s words, “equality is accessibility.” Heroku is committed to making their content accessible to everyone and has BingeWith audio on every blog post.

Seamlessly Integrate Audio on to Your Site

cloud portability

There are many amazing software options for content optimization. Some may hesitate to embrace new options.

Yet, adopting new technologies and plugins shouldn’t be difficult or compromise brand aesthetics.

For example, setting up BingeWith audio on your WordPress website is as simple as:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Enable the plugin

In two quick steps, you’ve leveled up your content.

For sites on platforms other than WordPress, we have you covered too.

Once the BingeWith plugin is enabled, our technology will “auto-magically” decipher which text on the page is part of an article and which is not. We understand the placement of all components on the page. Instead of reading everything aloud - attention-grabbing ads, image captions, header and footer text, comments - our technology focuses on the most relevant content.

The BingeWith player isn’t obtrusive either.

kevin md

Kevin Pho’s platform, KevinMD, demonstrates how BingeWith’s audio player flawlessly integrates audio onto a text-heavy site. Placed right above the text of the article, the player is noticeable, but isn’t a distraction – the color of the customizable player complements the site’s design.

Different challenges continue to arise as people keep up with the rapidly evolving digital world. Including audio and voice technology in a holistic content marketing strategy is one approach to these challenges.

Audio meets your consumers where they are online and increases the value of the content you provide.

Now that you’ve learned how we work for you, take the first step and work with us by getting your free audio player here.