The Highest Converting Marketing Strategy of 2020

By Kalish Nesbitt

04 August 2019

Like most modern businesses your marketing strategy is multi faceted. If you haven’t already jumped on the wagon here is Why audio and video content are important for reaching your audience where they are now.

We know that content is king. Business owners, publishers, and bloggers alike have been writing content to reach their audience for decades. These days, audio and video are becoming the entire empire.

eMarketer forecasts that nearly 100 million smartphone users will be using voice assistants in 2020. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual which is processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text (Zabisco). Sharing video content has become increasingly popular. Not only does it convert sales leads at a higher rate, but it also helps the viewer retain and comprehend the content a lot easier.

Depending on your industry, the method of delivering content visually or audibly varies. Moreover, how to capture your story or content in a compelling way also varies.

If you have a client-facing business, pre-recording an onboarding process is a lifesaver for both sides. It saves time for you and your client and gets you on the way to delivering results much faster. If you have a teaching component to your business, it is helpful to capture a screen recording showing a “done with you” step by step process and using your voice to walk them through it.

You can also consider creating audio for your articles and blog posts. Some services offer one-click audio, with no recording studio or professional recording equipment needed. Voice Tech Podcast is doing a great example of this by adding an audio player to their articles through Google Assistant with BingeWith.

If you are a content creator who publishes articles to connect and grow your audience, you should be thinking of ways to implement audio into your marketing plans.

Now is the time to implement video and audio into your life and business online.