Google I/O Recap

By Alex E.

09 May 2019

Here’s a recap of our time at Google I/O at the beginning of May!

Being back at the Shoreline Amphitheater is exciting. It’s amazing to be back on the Google campus and Google did not disappoint with its line up of announcements. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Expanding on camera capabilities, search will now feature AR integrations so you can see that ice-cream sandwich and shoes close up before you buy ’em. Very cool.

The podcast indexing feature we knew was coming is now out of the bag. In your news tab you’ll be able to listen to podcasts and search within them for a specific topic. We counted the speakers mention podcasts no fewer than 4 times, maybe more. Google’s pouncing on the already hot space.

Google is also taking their machine learning, machine vision, and AI functionality and reading out loud signs and images to you to help more people be productive and navigate foreign places with ease. This part wasn’t really new but the read out loud portion is pretty cool.

Overall, Google is shifting from providing information to you, to help you be more productive. Helpful being the key word. From helping you in your home with the Nest products, to Google Search, and beyond.

If there ever was one Helpful is the word of the year for Google.