New Developments in Voice Tech

By Deandre Barrett

05 December 2019

Voice technology is taking a different form than its nacscent days.

What Is Voice Technology?

Initially assistants told users what the time was or what the weather is like outside. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri. These are a few of the big company-branded voice tech assistants that most people know about. Assistants will still tell you the weather but the technology is morphing into something different.

The core purpose is the same; help users interact with an assistant to work on day-to-day tasks and answer questions. What is different about it now is that companies want users to have memorable experiences. One such example could be a user ordering a product on Amazon week after week. Having learned the pattern the assistant asks the user to order another set for the upcoming week.

How Are They Implementing Changes?

Companies are using assistants like Google Assistant to funnel users to their product or service. Dialogflow is a chatbot integration that allows companies to add different machine learning bots to their website or business. With Dialogflow, users can enter a chatbot funnel without visiting the website itself. They still can if they choose to, though they don’t need to download an app when they use this service at a public location. All they need is a phone, Internet connection, and the URL for the website. Making memorable experiences with machine learning requires new skills. New jobs for Conversational Designers and Conversational Copywriters are now in high demand to develop these experiences.

What Does This Mean for You?

Voice technology is growing and people are learning different ways to make it easier for users to converse and have meaningful conversations. Will this technology replace call centers and customer support staff? No, but it will lessen the load for previously asked support questions. It will also make it easier for voice assistants to have a conversation with users without the assistant freezing up or having it go back to default phrases.

If you want more information about what is currently happening in voice tech check out the Voice Tech Podcast. What experiences did voice tech help you with?