Your Articles Need Audio Now

By Alex E.

22 May 2019

You write great content. Maybe you publish to a blog, on Medium, or write articles on a regular basis. You do your research. You plan out your story. You have good sources and fun anecdotes. You put a lot of effort into your content.

These days more people are looking to listen rather than read content. Your written content can be repurposed as audio articles to let your audience listen to you wherever they may be.

With over a quarter of Americans having listened to at least one audio book in the past year, and many more jumping on the podcasting wagon it’s hard to underwrite the importance of great audio content.

Big publishers are jumping on the trend also. In April the BBC announced that they are investing in publishing all their articles in audio format using text-to-audio. They are following in the footsteps of Bloomberg and The Financial Times, both of which have undergone similar audio transitions.

The BBC, Bloomberg, and The Financial Times are moving to stay relevant in an audio first world.

As they should.

Audio is great for publishers.

It increases time on site over 6 times by extending the time users spend on the site by an average of 5 minutes.

It also increases the average number of pages users view by 3X.

When both time on site and page views seen are the lifeblood of most content publishers, not having audio to your articles is the equivalent of filling your site with spammy pop ups.

Set yourself up for success by adding audio to your articles. Then you too can join the ranks of Bloomberg, BBC, and The Financial Times.