Marketer's Advice to Content Writers

By Dolma Sherpa

23 December 2019

Reading time among Americans continues to fall. According to the Washington Post time spent reading decreased to 17 minutes per day in 2017, down from 23 minutes in 2004. To match these trends here 2 relevant pieces of marketing advice for content writers.

At the same time more people are looking to listen to great content. Podcasts and audiobooks have capitalized on this trend. Many companies including New York Times and NPR introduced daily news podcasts. The NYT The Daily in particular has tripled its numbers since first introduced. Repurposing existing content lets us catch the audio trend.

Repurposing by Format

Repurposing content transforms your existing articles into different forms, such as videos, slideshows, audio, and infographics. There are many ways to repurpose content, but let’s focus on format. Repackaging your existing content, the essence will remain the same but how it is consumed changes. Different formats allow you to expand the audience you reach at different points in their day and help build brand awareness. Various formats perform best depending on the situation. While commuting people prefer listening to content over reading them. Having content accessible as audio makes any brand accessible to audiences on the go.

What are the benefits?

Turning your content into audio can increase traffic to your site by reaching a broader audience while keeping your existing audience engaged. While voice technology and voice search are the new tech on the block, SEO and tried and true content marketing will not go away. Leveraging your existing content to stay ahead of the audio and voice tech trend will grow your brand awareness while staying ahead of the groundswell of excitement in this space.